10 iPhone Photo Editing Apps to Edit Pictures

Are you looking for iPhone photo editing Apps? One of the most outstanding features of the iPhone is its good camera. The latest iPhone has an 8-megapixel camera with HD recording. Besides the iPhone camera, you can get different camera apps from the App Stores. These apps have lots of photo filters and effects.

Now I am going to talk about top 10 iPhone photo editing apps:

1) Adobe Photoshop Mix:

This photo editing app is easy to install and manage. You can merge the two images into one with the app. It has an excellent feature called the Adobe Intelligent selection. Using it, you can make pictures with two layers. You can increase the contrast, exposure, brightness, and saturation of your photos. There is a tool called Magic Wand that can be used to improve your image automatically.

2) Walgreens Photo App:

It is a multifunctional app for the Apple device. You can print photos directly from your phone or even Facebook and Instagram albums. Then you can pick them up at a local Walgreens. You can print the picture & get it from Walgreen’s showroom.

3) Shadow puppet:

This app is designed to make custom videos. The app can mix your pictures, videos, and voice together. This app has an embedded web search with safe search filters. It allows you to look for the pictures you want and prevent showing unwanted results.

4) Mosaics:

The interface of the app is simple to understand for the new users. You can make beautiful photo books with mosaics. You have to select the images from the album and arrange them according to your choice.

5) Photoshop Touch:

This app helps to adjust the colors in the image. You can share your edited pictures through social networks.

6) PowerCam:

PowerCam is a great app of Wondershare Software Company. It has eight camera modes for users. This camera app has fantastic features.

7) Instagram:

The app has over 200 million users worldwide. There is some unique filter that allows you to customize your photos and videos. You can use the cinematic stabilization to make excellent videos. You can share pictures or videos via Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

8) Super 8:

You can make the film with the app. You can capture videos with 70 filters. At the time of making raw footage, you can see the results on a simulated projector. You can email the pictures or preserve it to your phone.

9) Photoshop Express:

You can edit and improve the quality of the photos with this tool. It has basic editing options to rotate, crop, etc. It has advanced options like white balance, exposure, and stain removal. You can share photos via social sites or through text messages.

10) Camera Genius:

This app was first released in 2009. The developers are improving it regularly. The app allows you to take pictures or videos with 6X digital zoom. Thus, you can get a clear photo. There is a timer option that is used to capture time group photos.

Above iPhone photo editing Apps are good enough. Check out which app is best for photo editing.

Good Photo Editing – Exciting Improvements You Can Do With Your Photos

Good pictures are indeed essential in many things nowadays. If you want to enhance your pictures, make them more dramatic and glamorous or airbrush some distractions in the picture, you can always find some good photo editing to help you with it. With today’s age of new technologies, you can actually make your pictures perfect even if you have a little background on the basics of photography.

Having good pictures in your websites, in your magazines, your scrapbooks, or even in your social networking profile page can indeed add more appeal to it. You can even find good photo editing opportunities that will help you make money – editing wedding pictures for instance is a great business.

Of course, you can find a lot of software that allow you to edit your pictures to make it more professional looking. Adobe Photoshop for example is a popular photo editing software that gives you a lot of possibilities in manipulating and enhancing a photo. If you are worried over some badly taken photos of very important events in your life, don’t fret, photo editing is easy nowadays.

If you decide to try your hands on photo editing, here are some exciting things you can try with your photos.


Yes, you can easily clone part of your photos to retouch the entire picture. In Photoshop, a cloning brush has a variety of uses. If you want to eliminate dark spots or blemishes on your almost-perfect portrait, the cloning tool is useful. If, for example, you want to eliminate something that disrupts your perfect photo like a person who made faces in the background, you can always get rid of him by cloning a part of the background and get him off the picture. If you want to add more animals in your farm photo, you can also do it through the cloning tool.

Adjusting brightness and contrast of your photo

Probably one of the essentials of good photo editing is adjusting the brightness and contrast of a photo. If you are worried about some gloomy pictures or some overexposed photos, you can bring more life to it by adjusting the brightness and contrast through photo editing tools. In Photoshop, you can also make use of auto level menu or manually adjust the level to obtain the right lightness or darkness of the picture.

Sharpening and blurring photos

Another very common and powerful technique in a good photo editing is sharpening the subject of your photo or blurring some parts of it to make your subject pop. If you are envious of how professional photographers take their photos in a manner that the subject is clear while the background is blurry, you don’t have to buy that top-of-the-line digital camera. You can actually make it possible with the sharpen and blur tool in photo editing software. These tools also allow you to make your pictures look like those in magazines.

These are just the basics. A good photo editing software can actually give you so many possibilities in retouching or manipulating your photos. You can change the background of your picture to Eiffel Tower, you can restore your old childhood photos, you can change the color of your dress, you can make your face look like the glamorous beauties in a magazine, and you can even get rid of those extra pounds in your picture. Indeed, it is fun and exciting to be able to make artistic changes to your pictures with just a click of the mouse.

Top Free Photo Editing Software

More often than not, the best pictures were created through photo editing software. There are lots of possibilities with a decent photo editing software that can improve the photo quality – you can crop, resize, rotate, but you can also add fun effects and change its color balance or exposure. Free is where we would normally like to begin, here are some of the most recommended free photo editing software for you:

Pixir – an online photo editing program where it allows you to make use of helpful tools such as red eye reduction, color replacement, etc. And Pixlr is no registration required, you can edit, change and filter your photo online with this free software.

Picasa – A photo editing software released by Google, where you can edit photos, share, publish albums and even add tags from Google Maps. Using Picasa you do not need to upload anything to Google’s servers. It’s just an optional thing. You can use Picasa to convert a color photograph to Black and White, generate a beautiful banner for your weblog or add graphics to a picture, retouch a blemish or distracting mark from a picture and share photos with your friends and family without having to send them by email.

Adobe Photoshop Album Starters – Adobe is great when it comes to editing photos and videos professionally, but they also come with a hefty price tag. If you prefer something that’s free, opt for the Album Starter.

Photoscape – it is a free photo editing program that is required to be installed to your computer first. It help you view pictures in your albums and create a slideshow, add photos together to make new one, and resize to your favorite and make animated gif easily by adding photos or images.

FotoFlexer – a powerful web-based photo editing that allows you to air brush, modify, retouch, distort, morph and add other fun photo effects. It works with both uploaded photos as well as photos already on the internet. For people who are photo editing newbie, it is also very easy to use.

Photobie – Aside from editing photos, you can add picture templates and animations. There are also online tutorials and an online community of photographers to help you by giving you tips, tricks and secrets via the official site.

Those are the top six free picture editing software that you can pick to support your work.

Photo Editing Made Easy For Mac Users

Experts in computing have often argued for and against the benefits of owning a Mac computer instead of one that runs on the Windows operating system. However, if you are serious about your photography or even a professional photographer, then you may well have opted for a Mac computer over its more ubiquitous rival, due to the superior color quality and sharpness of the images.

Mac Editing Software

In order to get top-quality photographs from your camera or smartphone, then you are going to need to buy some good quality photo editing software. The good thing about photo editing software is that it gives you the opportunity to add special effects and other items to improve or even completely change the appearance of the photo. Using image filters is one way in which you can adjust the appearance of your photos, as these give you the chance to sharpen soft images, soften sharp focused images, add tint, turn a color photo to black and white, as well as creating photos with a vintage look with sepia tinting.

Ease of Use

Before you rush out to buy software, you need to try and find one that is easy to use, as this will help you to save valuable time, as some photo editing software comes with a plethora of features that can take a long time to master. You should enjoy it, rather than it feeling like a chore, and there are many editing programs for Macs that are easy and simple to use. This will allow you to create beautiful photos in minutes, and the majority of programs that are available to download from the internet, will allow you to make use of some free features before you purchase the full program.

Other features that you can expect to find on a Mac program is the ability to place a frame around your images, as well as other features. Frames can be simple black or white affairs to something a bit more elaborate such as hearts or other images.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using a Mac photo editing program, and even if you are an amateur photographer, you can give your photos that polished, professional feel. If you are a professional photographer, then you will find that you can make your photos look even better with the help of a Mac photo editing program, meaning that the photos you take will stand out more than ever before.